Consolidated Invoices

Combine multiple Invoices into one

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Customers may prefer to have one monthly Invoice instead of an Invoice for each service. For example, a client with multiple locations serviced weekly can receive one consolidated monthly Invoice.

Key Points

  • Create Consolidated Invoices at Sales > Invoices

  • Select the Invoices you want to consolidate

  • Click the Consolidated Invoice button

  • Open the Invoice to email or print

Select the Invoices you want to consolidate.

Tip Filter for the Customer Name and the Status for Unpaid or Overdue.

Click the Consolidated Invoice button.

Open the Unpaid Consolidated Invoice to email or print.

When invoices are consolidated they are deleted from the account. To bring them back into the account, click the Remove button in the consolidated invoice.


You can't consolidate invoices with payments, even partially paid Invoices.

You can't consolidate invoices from different customers.

You can't consolidate invoices that are synced to QuickBooks Online

Turn off Email Invoices Automatically in the customers' billing page

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