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Voice for Pest and Fieldwork integration
Voice for Pest and Fieldwork integration

Using Voice for Pest to automate incoming calls

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We've partnered with Voice for Pest, a cloud-based phone system designed to help you grow your business through better phone technology. You'll have greater efficiency managing your customers. For example, when a customer calls from the phone number that's in their account, their account page will open on the screen before you even answer the call.

They've helped over 250 Pest Control Offices grow their business with better phone technology.
Contact Voice for Pest for more information. They'll help you install their software, get everything up and running, and provide product support for it.

Key Points

  • Intelligent call routing

  • Screen pop

  • Click to call

  • Auto-note with call recording

Intelligent Call Routing

Incoming numbers are matched against the Fieldwork database and are identified as customers or non-customers (leads). Calls can be routed differently to maximize your ability to capture new business.

Screen Pop

When a call is received a notification pops up within Fieldwork showing you the caller information. For a customer call, click into the customer's account. For a lead call, click into the add new customer window.

Click to Call

Call your customers directly by clicking the phone number in Fieldwork.

Auto-Note with Call Recording

Once a call is concluded an automatic note is placed in the customer's account. The note shows the number called, the date and time of the call, and it contains a link to the call recording.

Also watch this video.

For more information, visit the Voice for Pest website:

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