Configuring your company information is the first step to using Fieldwork. Here you will enter your company name, address, phone number, email, and many other items so your customers can contact you.

Key Points

  • Enter information about your company

  • If you're going to use the Customer Portal, enter the credit card disclaimer

  • If you have a PayPal account link Fieldwork to that account

Not all of the entries are necessary, but you should enter at least the following:

  • Company name

  • Business address

  • Phone number 

  • Email address

  • Time Zone

  • Outgoing Email

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard

   2. On the left side of the drop-down list, click Company Information
   3. Enter your company name
   4. Enter your business address, city, state, and zip code; this will be used on all your
       outgoing documents; entering the address is also connected to your location in
       the Calendar map

  5. Proceed through phone, fax, web address, applicators license# and business

  6. To put your logo in your Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices, click the Select
  7. Find your logo on your computer and click Open; your logo will appear at the
      center-top of your documents

  8. Click the box to the right of header color and click your mouse in the right side of
      the color spectrum where the color matches your company color; then click the
      left side to zero in on a specific color; this will be the color of your Dashboard and
      Online Customer Portal

  9. Continue entering your time zone, currency symbol and show distance in

 10. Type your outgoing email address; this will be the from and reply to email for all
      outgoing emails from Fieldwork
 11. Select CC: (Carbon Copy) so the above email address will be included in your
      Estimate, Work Order and Invoice and emails so you also get a copy of it
 12. Click the box to enable Smart Folders; Smart folders let you save your searches
      to access later

Your account comes with a free Online Customer Portal. Your customers can log in and view their service history, pay invoices online, and view device trend reports. 

  13. Enter a prefix for the portal domain; something that matches your company name
       or website is a good branding choice
  14. For the Credit card portal message, enter the text for the message on the portal
       that explains that customers authorize your company to charge the credit card for
       unpaid or overdue invoices

This credit card portal message above reads as follows (you are welcome to use it):


I understand that by entering my credit card on-file, I authorize <Your Company> to charge the credit card for unpaid or overdue invoices and future regularly scheduled services.  Charges will not exceed the amount indicated on each service invoice and a receipt for each payment will be emailed to me as confirmation.  Furthermore, I understand that the charges will appear on my statement as a "Pest Control" charge in the description.  

I understand that I can remove my credit card from my account at anytime and I have been informed that the credit card information is stored safely and securely in a PCI compliant data server.


  15. If you have a PayPal account, enter your PayPal email address or Merchant ID
Note If you decide later not to use PayPal just remove your PayPal Merchant ID
or email address
  16. Click the word 'here' in the box below to set your IPN (Instant Payment
        Notification) url in your PayPal account; otherwise, invoices will not be updated
  17. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Also watch this video:

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