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Email confirmations - how customers can add a note
Email confirmations - how customers can add a note

And how you can see it

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When you send an appointment reminder the customer receives an email to confirm the appointment. The customer can also add a note about your visit.

Key Points

  • The customer clicks the Confirm Appointment button in the email

  • The customer portal page opens where the customer completes the process

  • The customer can add a note for you to see in the Work Order, Schedule tab

After clicking the Confirm Appointment button in the email, the customer is taken to their Customer Portal for the confirmation. Here the customer adds their name or initials and they can add notes for extra service, for example.

Visiting the page alone does not confirm the appointment. The customer must: 

  • Put a check mark in Check to confirm appointment

  • Put their name/initials in the Confirmed by text box or they can add a note

  • Click the Confirm Appointment button

The confirmed appointment will have a check mark in the Work Order in the Calendar.

Notes customers might add include:

  • I'll be running late

  • Dog will be in the yard

  • Wait until I get home

  • Don't wait until I get home

To see the text added to the confirmation open the Work Order and click the Schedule tab.

Note The techs cannot see this note through the mobile app. 

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