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Advanced Calendar Usage
Advanced Calendar Usage
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Appointment Reminder email has no Confirm button or textAppointment is already confirmed
Adjust the size of the CalendarIt updates for everyone looking at the calendar
Appointment remindersAre they sent to the location email address or the billing email address
Appointment - rescheduled still shows the missed colorChange the Work Order Status to Scheduled
Block Time error - Start date must be less than End dateBlocking time between two years, create two separate instances
Bulk print future Work Orders/Work PoolFrom the Calendar click the printer icon
Block time in the CalendarVacation or day off: select [X] All day; office meeting or Drs appointment select day and time
Calendar FiltersStreamlined filters offer more specific viewing.
Calendar Map - drag appointments to a new day or routeBulk move appointments to a new route and day from your browser's Calendar map
Calendar PindropsDay of the month, stop of the day
Calendar search by street, city, or zip codeEasily find and arrange appointments geographically
Calendar - automatically optimize a single route for a single dayClick the clock at the top of the route
Calendar - print it as I see it on the screenClick the down arrow next to Create Work Order
Calendar - (1), (2), AT, CB, clock, check markWhat does it all mean?
Calendar Map shows the worldAnd it shows something in the Atlantic Ocean/Equator/Gulf of Guinea/Africa
Email confirmations - how customers can add a noteAnd how you can see it
Google Maps - what is the feature set?What Google functions are included in Fieldwork?
Live CalendarNo more refreshing your browser
Location Name TemplateDisplay aspects of a location for appointments in the calendar
Print scheduled Work Orders and a Daily Route SheetPrint from the Calendar
Putting Sticky Notes in the calendar & mobile appView the customer's location Sticky Notes in the calendar & mobile app
Sticky Note - shows only the first line in the CalendarThis is an online calendar limit
Sync Fieldwork Calendar with Outlook, Apple or Google calendarThe sync is one way, from Fieldwork to the other calendar
Tech Tracking HistorySee where a tech traveled in the Calendar map
Time zones - how to manageCalendar shows an hour difference from what I scheduled
Work Order - assigned day & techBut no time assigned
Work Pool - can't see the listIt's the end of the month
Work Pool - Set up recurring appointments for the first of the monthThen start calling customers to schedule
Automated RoutingRoute by service, tech, frequency, city, zip code, county...