Work Order Template

For an introduction to Work Order templates, see this article: Settings - Work Order Templates. After you create the template, attach it to the Work Order.

To apply a Work Order template in the Work Order:

  1. Click Load Template in the upper-right corner:

  2. The Load from template window appears, click the template you want to load.

  3. The Work Order populates all the fields you added to the template.

In the two screen shots above you can see three Services (top image) and three Materials (bottom image). These were added from the template.

You can apply this template to all of your restaurant customers. Make more templates to apply to your Commercial, Grocery Store, Day Care / School, Hotel customers...

You can change any of the fields populated by the template to accommodate a specific customer. For example, remove a service or material, change the billing frequency, etc.

Save the Work Order and you're all set.

June 2017

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