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Link a URL in your manuscript
Link a URL in your manuscript

πŸ”— How to add an external link to inside your manuscript

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You can add hyperlinks to text within your manuscript or notes. This feature is particularly useful for keeping references, sources, or for linking to any webpage that may be relevant to your writing.

Adding a link by pasting the full URL

If you simply want to add a link without associating it with specific text, paste it into your document and hit the 'Enter' key. First Draft Pro will automatically convert this into a clickable link.

Adding a link by linking a URL to specific text

To associate a URL with specific text, follow these steps:

1. Select Text: Highlight the text you want to link to a URL by clicking and dragging with your cursor.

2. Add Link: There are two ways to add a link to the selected text:

  • Using a Keyboard Shortcut: Press `Ctrl` + `K` to open the link editor.

  • Using the Toolbar: Look for the link icon (usually depicted as a chain link) in the toolbar. Click on this icon.

3. Enter the URL: A dialogue box will appear. Paste the URL you want to link to in the appropriate field, and then click 'OK' or 'Insert'.

4. Completion: Your selected text should now be hyperlinked to the specified URL.

Viewing and Navigating Links

  • Link Tab: All the links within your document are displayed in the link tab. You can navigate to this tab to see an organized list of all the hyperlinks you have added.

  • Navigating to the Link: You can click on the hyperlinked text in your document to navigate to the URL. This will usually open the link in your default web browser.

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