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Switch your manuscript to non-fiction
Switch your manuscript to non-fiction

πŸ““ How to change your manuscript settings to tailor your writing experience to better suit writing non-fiction

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First Draft Pro is a versatile writing app that offers features tailored to fiction and non-fiction. This article will guide you on how to change your project's settings from fiction to non-fiction, allowing you to enjoy a writing experience that aligns with your non-fiction work.

For example: When you switch your project to a non-fiction setting, the manuscript settings change to reflect the structure commonly found in non-fiction pieces. For example, instead of seeing references to 'scenes' (a term more common in fiction), you will see 'sections', which is more suitable for non-fiction. Similarly, you will be given the option to add a 'preface' instead of a 'prologue'.

How to change your project's settings to non-fiction:

1. Open Your Project: Start by navigating to your project dashboard. Here, you will see a list of all your ongoing projects. Select the project you want to change from fiction to non-fiction with a single click.

2. Navigate to the Settings Tab: Look for the settings tab once your project is open. You'll find this in the right sidebar of your project interface.

3. Change Project Type: Under the "Project Type" section, you will find options to classify your project. This helps First Draft Pro adjust its settings and features to your project's needs.

4. Select Non-Fiction: Under "Project Type", select the "Non-fiction" option. This action will instantly switch your project settings to align with non-fiction writing.

Remember, you can always revert your project back to a fiction setting or change it to another type using the same process. Just navigate back to the "Project Type" section and choose the option that best suits your work.

First Draft Pro's versatility ensures you have the necessary tools and settings regardless of your project's nature, enhancing your writing experience. Understanding how to manipulate these settings can allow you to fully utilize the app's potential and make your writing process smoother.

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