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πŸ›Έ Nanowrimo Day 3: Wrapping up the set-up
πŸ›Έ Nanowrimo Day 3: Wrapping up the set-up

What to write for NaNoWriMo today, based on the classic 3-act story structure.

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This week, you're taking your characters from their current day-to-day life to their decision to go after their external goal.

What to write today​

Today is the last day you'll be writing the set-up [3334–5000 words]. Make sure you:

  • Show us a closer look at the broken thing in your protagonist's world (the central conflict)

  • Set up the conflict between the protagonist's internal and external goals. They will need to be forced to choose between these goals later on, so it's important that you foreshadow this

  • Leave us with a clear picture of who the protagonist is now so that we can clearly see how they have changed by the end of the story (this is the first beat of their character arc)

Want a different sort of prompt? Include the line "When [character name] confronted him/her/them, he/she/they denied it outright." somewhere in your scene. πŸ™Š

Update your running editorial note

A running editorial note created while writing can be invaluable during the editing process.

Create a new note, and jot down any off-course deviations, potential inconsistencies, areas to research further, or moments of inspiration to revisit when you start editing.

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