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Home Dashboard Overview
Home Dashboard Overview

Overview of FlowPath's easy and simple home dashboard to quickly tackle work order management

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1. The home page will be defaulted to the work orders module and you will see in list view all work orders in our three categories. PENDING, SCHEDULED, and COMPLETED

2. Click "Sites" to filter and view by sites.

3. Click "Locations" to filter and view by Location

4. Click "Filter" to filter even further if needed.

5. Scroll through the filter categories and select.

6. Click the "Filter page.." field to type any key word to find on the page.

7. On the home dashboard you can quickly see important details such as priorities, date of schedules or completions, assignees or creators, PMs or Inspections, inventory details, etc.

8. You can create a work order from the home dashboard by clicking "Create Work Order."

9. Search anything will bring up relevant information and quick navigation.

10. Quickly click into a work order to update and edit.

11. Click the home icon to get back to the main page.

12. Change your view layout.

13. You can select any other module you have access to.

14. Click your user icon to log out and pending permission update user settings and profiles.

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