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Procurement Overview
Procurement Overview

Inventory and Procurement overview within the FlowPath platform

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Download PDF โ†’ ProcurementOverview.pdf

2. Click "Procurement"

3. This module you will be able to see current and historical inventory transaction and how they interact with work orders.

Click this dropdown to show more lines per page to help with filtering and greater scope. Note max is 1000 lines per page view.

4. You can filer inventory by sites.

5. You can filter inventory by locations.

6. Click "Filter" and choose to filter by status, category, or date.

7. Click "Inventory status" and you will see the following selections.

8. Click "Inventory category" and a selection of your categories will show to be selected.

9. Click "Created Date"

10. Choose from the dropdown or you can create a customer date to filter by.

11. Click the "Filter page.." field.

12. Enter in any key word or letter to filter by.

13. Click "Bulk actions" to make the same action on multiple inventory items at once.

14. Click the inventory item(s) you want to make a change to.

15. Click this icon to select all item on the page.

16. Note make sure the page view dropdown is set to max 1000 as the action will be a per page view only.

17. Select the bulk action you want to process.

18. You can edit individual inventory transaction actions. Click into the action on the procurement page that you need to edit.

19. In the inventory transaction, you can adjust or add a PO number, update the cost and quantity and change the status.

20. For the status, select from the dropdown one of the three options.

21. Click "Update" to update the transaction, or if you need to delete the action you have the ability to delete.

22. You can quickly see the status of the inventory item and what work order ID is associated along with other filterable and editable fields.

23. Click "Add Inventory Stock" to add stock to a specific inventory item.

24. When adding your stock, be sure to choose the inventory item by using the drop down or scanning an inventory QR code if set up. Enter the total quantity of the added inventory and the total cost added.
Site, Location, PO number and source are optional fields.

25. You can download your inventory data by clicking this icon to a CSV file.

Note make sure the page view is set to max 1000 as the action will be a per page view only.

Note make sure the page view is set to max 1000 as the action will be a per page view only.

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