The Adjustment Reports section is a great way to make large changes to your inventory. Many of our customers will have large shipments of inventory arrive or do "hard" counts of on-hand inventory at the end of each month, and they make these bulk changes by submitting an Adjustment Report.

An Adjustment Report allows you to select a piece of inventory, add what the actual count should be, more or less than what's in FlowPath, then add that change to a report. You can save this report and come back to it later.

FlowPath tries its best to associate the cost of this item adjustment, so it grabs either the most recent transaction's cost, so you will notice that the cost will pre-populate to the most recent price that item was added for. You can easily edit this cost by clicking on the cost and typing the new number.

Once you're ready to submit, this report will save and the bulk changes will start changing your inventory immediately. The report will be available in "Read Only" moving forward, just so there is a history of all changes ever made to your inventory.

Learn about Adjustment Reports here:

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