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Inventory Adjustment Reports
Inventory Adjustment Reports

Learn how to bulk change inventory using the adjustment reports

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Download PDF โ†’ InventoryAdjustmentReports.pdf

2. Click "Adjustments"

3. You will be able to see a list of any inventory adjustment already completed or requested. You can filter by sites and locations as well as filter the columns by clicking the arrows.

4. You can expand columns by clicking and dragging this button.

5. Click this dropdown to show our max 1000 per page view

6. This will ensure that you have the most data per page when filtering.

7. Click here.

8. Click "Create Adjustment Report" to create an adjustment.

9. Click "Site" and select your site from your dropdown list.

10. Click "Select Location" and select the location you are adding this inventory to. The location is needed for the correct inventory items to be displayed.

11. Click "Select Inventory Item" and select from your dropdown list or you can scan an inventory QR code if applicable.

12. Enter the actual amount of the inventory item you are making the adjustment for.

Tip! FlowPath tries its best to associate the cost of this item adjustment, so it grabs either the most recent transaction's cost, so you will notice that the cost will pre-populate to the most recent price that item was added for. You can easily edit this cost by clicking on the cost and typing the new number.

13. Enter a PO number if applicable.

14. Click "Select Source" and from your list of vendors, select the appropriate vendor if necessary.

15. Click the "Notes" field to add any optional notes regarding the adjustment.

16. Click "Add Adjustment"

17. Your adjustment will show up here.

18. Once you are ready to submit the inventory adjustment(s), click "Submit Adjustments"

19. Click "Submit"

20. If you have a bulk adjustments that need to be made, you can click "Import Adjustments"

21. Follow the steps to download your current inventory items and make the necessary adjustment and then re-upload the file and submit your adjustments.

22. To see the report you just submitted you can click back into "Adjustments".

23. You will see the new report you just submitted and you can view the details by clicking the report name of "Inventory Adjustments" and will be followed by the date and time of the submission.

24. You can see the details of the report and see if the status is requested or completed.

25. Pending permissions, if you need to make a change, you can click into the inventory item.

26. Go to the inventory usage of the item and select the most recent transaction ID.

27. You can edit the transaction ID to update the cost, quantity, status or enter an updated PO and click update.

If necessary and pending permissions, you can delete the transaction on that inventory item.

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