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Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Learn how to create and use inventory items

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2. Click "Inventory"

3. Click "Filter" to quickly filter your inventory page.

4. Click the "Filter page.." field to search by a key work.

5. You can do a bulk action reorder report by checking the inventory items you want at once.

6. Download your inventory report.

7. Lookup by scanning a QR Code

8. Take a picture of the QR code or upload a photo of the QR code

9. Use setting to edit the inventory table layout.

10. Drag by the handle to reorder table columns. Uncheck a column to hide it from the table.

Create Inventory

11. Click "Create Inventory" to add new inventory items.

12. Inter all relevant information to the inventory item as well as being able to print the QR code, add current stock and image.

13. Click "Update" to save the update information on the inventory item.

Thresholds & Alerts

14. Click "Add Thresholds" to create a threshold for the inventory.

15. Add your min/max capacity for desired locations (mandatory), sites and assign a user to get the alert for when the threshold of the inventory item is met.

16. Click "Create" to save the threshold.

Purchasing Source

17. Click "Add Source" to an inventory item.

18. Click "Select Vendor"

19. Click "Super Vendor"

20. Select the vendor and source name for the inventory item.

21. Click "Create"

Recent Work Orders

22. You can see any work order that are relevant to the inventory item and quickly select the work order.

Associated Equipment

23. Click "Add Equipment" if you want an inventory item to be associated with equipment.

24. Select the site, location and equipment.

Tip: Tip! Multiple equipment can be associated with an inventory item. Select all that will apply.

25. Click "Add"

Inventory Usage

26. To add stock to inventory click "Add Stock"

27. Select the site, location you want to add the stock to. Total costs of the added inventory and quantity. Add a PO if necessary and source.

28. Click "Add Stock"

Delete Inventory

29. Select the inventory item you want to delete on your inventory page.

30. Click "Delete Inventory Item"

31. Click "Delete"

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