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Scheduling Work Orders and Adding To Your Calendar
Scheduling Work Orders and Adding To Your Calendar

Learn how to schedule your work orders and add them to your calendar

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2. Click on the work order you want to schedule.

3. Click and drag the work order from the PENDING column to SCHEDULED.

4. It will automatically schedule it for the exact date and time when you move it.

5. You can click into the work order as well to schedule and edit.

6. Click the edit pencil.

7. Click this date and time field.

8. You can then pick a new date and time you want to schedule the work order for.

9. Click on the Calendar view

10. The work order will show in the calendar for the date scheduled.

Tip: Tip! Integrate with your Google or Microsoft Calendar to show all work order scheduled.

11. You can then click back into the work order on the calendar view to edit again if necessary.

12. Click the edit button to adjust schedule.

Tip: Tip! Your PM Schedule (preventive maintenance) will generate work orders that will be automatically scheduled if a user is assigned to it within the PM.

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