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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Automation of Work Orders
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Automation of Work Orders

Learn how to put your PM Schedule on auto-pilot to auto-generate work orders at the right time or cadence

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Download PDF โ†’ CreatingPMSchedules.pdf

2. Click "PM Schedules" under Equipment.

3. Click "Create PM Schedule"

4. Name your PM schedule in the subject field.

5. Assign users for the PM work order.

6. Select the category for the PM.

7. Determine the priority of the PM.

8. Enter estimated labor hours if applicable.

9. Enter estimated material costs if applicable.

10. Select your unit of measure for when the PM will be generated.

11. Determine your cadence for the PM.

12. Enter your cadence start date.

13. If your unit of measure is different than time, you will have a threshold to enter for when the PM will generate. The metered PM would create a work order once a threshold is crossed for this metered. An example could be every 3,000 miles, change the oil on the service truck.

14. If you have a unit of such as temp, you will need to select the threshold and parameter the PM will generate.

15. If you need to skip any months do it on this drop down.

16. If you are generating this PM for multiple pieces of equipment, toggle this option on.

17. Select the site of the equipment.

18. Select the equipment location.

19. Select the piece of equipment for the PM schedule.

20. Click "Select option"

21. If you are generating multiple PMs for multiple pieces of equipment under the same schedule it will notify you of the equipment count that matches the criteria of your selections above. Each pieces will generate its own work order during the cadence.

22. Enter any descriptions for the PM.

23. If there is a checklist needed, you can add them if necessary.

24. Click "Update" once you are finished.

25. Any work orders relevant to the PM will be displayed here.

26. If you want to turn off the PM schedule without deleting it, toggle the status of the PM.

27. Status will show as DISABLED.

28. If you want to trigger a PM work order without waiting for the next cadence, click "Trigger PM Work Order."

29. Click "Yes"

Note that this will skip the cadence. Example, you trigger a PM work order on January 25, and the next one is scheduled for February 1, it will skip February 1 and the next one will not generate until March 1.

30. To delete a PM scheduled, click "Delete PM Schedule"

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