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Using or Requesting Inventory From a Work Order
Using or Requesting Inventory From a Work Order

Learn more about how to use or request inventory from within a work order

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2. Click into a work order.

3. In the work order, scroll down to the INVENTORY section.

4. If you want to scan a code to quickly bring up the inventory item you can by selecting the option which will allow you to take a photo or upload the QR code.

5. You can quickly search for the inventory item needed as well.

6. If you need to buy the item for the work order and its not in your stock and you need to add, click "Purchase Inventory"

7. Select the item, source, site and location and fill in the part number, cost, purchase quantity, and a PO number if applicable. There will be a time stamp of the purchase as well. Click submit.

8. If you are using inventory that you have on hand for the work order, click "Select Current Inventory"

9. Select the site, location and the inventory item. Manually enter the quantity. Click submit.

10. If you need to request inventory for the work order that is not in stock, click "Request Inventory Item"

11. Select the inventory item you are requesting, the source, and the site and location. Manually enter part number, quantity, PU number. The cost will auto-populate based on items "Default Unit Cost" if entered.
Change the status to one of the three options. Complete, Ordered, Requested.

12. If you need to order more than one inventory item at a time in the work order, click "Bulk Request Inventory"

13. Quick add quantity or manually enter the quantity of inventory items needed. Select the site and location and enter a PO if applicable.
Estimated cost and requested amount will auto-populate based on the inventory selections unit costs.
Click submit.

14. Click "Select Current Inventory"

15. Click "Submit"

16. Once you submit, it will be logged under the activity of the work order and show detailed breakdown.

17. If you need to delate an inventory item in the work order, click the delete icon on the line item.

Tip! Depending on your user settings and permission, you may not be able to see all 4 inventory options in the work order.

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