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Insights Suite - Reporting Made Easy
Insights Suite - Reporting Made Easy

Learn how to generate reports and extract insights from your data

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The FlowPath Insights Suite is a very powerful reporting tool, made simply for you to extract insights out of your data.

There are 7 reporting modules:

Work Orders - filter by all work orders create, track trends based on work order created, time to schedule, and time to complete.

PM (preventive maintenance) - High-level overview of your total work orders created, scheduled, and completed, as well as the breakdown percentage of preventive maintenance work orders.

Inventory - filter by inventory usage, dive into trends based on how long you keep inventory stocked vs how often you are using it. Also, see how much you are spending per item or any other filter available.

Equipment - filter by all equipment to see how often certain items are breaking, how much you are spending on each, and where you can start a PM Schedule to really help your team save time and money.

Vendors - track how much and how often you are paying 3rd party vendors to fix the same equipment, compare costs, and make quick decisions.

Labor Hours - Analyze how many hours per user over various time periods, diving into all filters available for work orders, meaning you can really dig into your data.

Finances - overall finances used from inventory and vendor invoices, tracking trends per location.

The last section of the Insights Suite is the Generated Reports. All modules have the ability to save a report you are viewing and deliver that report to your inbox on whichever cadence works for you, such as quarterly reports of inventory per location.

To start extracting insights today, check out your Insights Suite:

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