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Simple Work Order Creation
Simple Work Order Creation

This guide provides a simple step-by-step process for creating a work order.

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2. Click "Create Work Order"

3. Select your site.

4. Select the location.

5. Select the WO category. WO can be under more than one category.

6. Add a description of the work order with as much details as you need.

7. Submit any attachments, including pictures if you wish and then click "Submit Work Order"

8. A work order will be created with a reference number and you can edit any of the fields by clicking on the pencil icon.

9. Update the description at any time within the work order.

10. Add a checklist if necessary.

11. Upload any additional attachments.

12. Click "Select Current Inventory" for on hand inventory needed for the work order. A menu will automatically open up to be submitted.

13. Click "Request Inventory Item" if you need to inventory ordered for the work order. A menu will automatically open up to be submitted.

14. Click "Bulk Request Inventory" if multiple pieces of inventory will be needed for the work order.

15. A menu will open up automatically and you can do a quick add of inventory needed or manual enter quantity. It will allow you to enter a PO number and even estimate the cost total for the work order.

16. Add vendor invoices, see work order activity and add comments within the work order. Click 'submit' when you enter any new comments to track on the log.

17. Able to view the public page, print the work order or duplicate the work order under the actions section. You can also see you created the work order with time stamp and status.

18. Click on the DANGER ZONE to either delete or archive the work order depending on permission settings.

19. Click "Submit" once details of the work order are entered.

20. To go back to your main work order page click on the home icon.

21. Click into the work order to update and see status any time.

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