Both inventory and equipment items in FlowPath all come with a unique QR code that can be printed out and attached to the physical item. Then from within FlowPath, you can easily find that item by scanning the QRCode.

You can print all QRCodes individually, or you can print in bulk. Because there are so many variations of information you can add to a label for the QRCode, such as equipment name, location, model number, you may want to customize what that label looks like.

You can easily customize labels by downloading the CSV export of the equipment or inventory from FlowPath and using this information to create a label. There are many online label generators, but we recommend you to use Avery's label generator found here:

Using the CSV export, you can use all text fields to place information on the label, including using the column "QRCODE ID" which Avery will generate the same QRCode that exists in FlowPath on your label.

You can learn more about printing labels at:

You can start printing and exporting QRCode info here:

Inventory -

Equipment -

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