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How to Complete Inspections
How to Complete Inspections

Complete inspections and create work order from inspections.

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2. Work Orders that are inspections will be tagged as "Inspection". Click into the work order inspection.

3. Just like a normal work order, you will have editable tags on top to change if necessary.

4. Below there will be the task(s) for the inspection, the number of tasks completed, and an equipment link.

5. When items are completed, and there are multiple, you can toggle on the "Hide Completed" to only show items on the inspection left to do.

6. In the comments section, we have predefined values to quickly select or you can enter your own.

7. If an additional work order is needed from the inspection, such as a pieces is found to be broke, you can generate a work order from the inspection by clicking "Create Work Order".

8. Click "Complete Item" once an item on the inspection is completed.

9. The item task will turn green.

10. You will see the full inspection tasks completed as well or if there are multiple tasks to the inspection, it will show 1/3 or 1/4 as an example.

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