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Tagging Or Mentioning Team Members In Work Order Comments
Tagging Or Mentioning Team Members In Work Order Comments

Quickly learn how to tag team members from within a work order to notify them they are needed

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2. Click into the work order.

3. You will see all information about the work order on top and be able to edit if needed.

4. Scroll down to the comments under Activity. We Recommend to toggle on "Show logs" to see time stopped updates.

5. You can edit comments, duplicate or delete.

6. Click the "Type to add comment..." field.

7. Type "@" then the user you want to tag with any other comments.

8. You can type @here to mention everyone involved in the work order or @watchers to notify the watchers assigned to the work order.

9. Type "@" then the user email you want to tag, a dropdown will appear to help auto-fill the user email as you are typing.

10. You can select if the comment will be visible to others or not. Click "Submit" to submit your comment.

11. Comment will be saved and they user tagged will be notified via email and can respond to in the same work order.

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