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Group PM Schedules

Configure group PM schedules using equipment categories for equipment measured by units of time.

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PDF Download PMSchedule.pdf

2. Click "Equipment"

3. Select the equipment you need to add the PM on.

4. Scroll down and then Click "Add PM Schedule"

5. There is a toggle to make the PM status active or disabled.

6. Enter your PM subject details.

7. PM schedules can be assigned to a user if necessary.

8. Click "Select Category" and choose.

9. Click "Select Priority" if you want to make the PM urgent or not.

10. You can enter estimated labor hours and material costs if necessary.

11. PM can be measured on a variety of units.

12. Click "Unit" to generate a list of measurable and select.

13. Click "Select Cadence" to select a desired timeframe.

14. If you want the cadence to start on a given day select the calendar and select.

15. Click "Select Months" if you want to skip any month in the cadence.

16. You can toggle on flexible days and enter what you would like.

17. If you want the PM to be for multiple pieces of equipment use the toggle to turn off or on.

18. Click "Select Site" and choose the site.

19. Click "Select Location" (optional)

20. Click "Select option"

21. Click "Equipment Category" to bring up a list to choose if necessary.

22. You can select a manufacture if you want for the equipment.

23. Select a model number if applicable.

24. Enter any description for the PM.

25. If you want to add a checklist for the PM you can do so by clicking "Add Item"

26. Click "Update" to save the PM schedule.

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