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Create a PM Schedule Checklist Template
Create a PM Schedule Checklist Template

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a PM Schedule Checklist Template.

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Download PDF โ†’ PMScheduleChecklistTemlate.pdf

2. Click "PM Schedules"

3. Click this button.

4. Click "Create Checklist template"

5. Click the "New Template Name" field and name your checklist template.

6. Any other check list templates that you have will show up under the "Current Check List Templates"

7. Click "Create New Checklist Template"

8. Click the "Add New Checklist Item" field and enter in your checklist item.

9. Click "Add" and repeat for each checklist item you want to add to the template.

10. Click the x button when you are finished.

11. Click this icon.

12. Click "Create PM Schedule"

Alert: Alert! Make sure you change the quick create button back to Create PM Schedule or anytime you click it, it will take you back to creating new checklist templates.

13. Click "Select option"

14. Click the template you created.

15. Your checklist for the PM will be now be entered and can be used on any PM schedule that you need it for.

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