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Creating and Scheduling a Event
Creating and Scheduling a Event

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and schedule an event using FlowPath

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2. Click "Create Event"

3. Click "Edit Details" to enter event information.

4. Enter your event name

5. Select category from your drop down.

6. Select event owner from drop down.

7. Select any watchers needed for the event if necessary.

8. Select from the drop down the appropriate status of the current event.

9. Select if you would like the event to be for the public or only internal users.

10. Add any description for the event that you would like.

11. Next select the site using the drop down.

12. Then select the location(s) within the selected site.

13. Click "Save" to save the event.

14. Within the event just created or edited, proceed to the time to update.

15. If the event need to be repeated and not just a one time even, make sure to toggle on the event repeats.

16. You can enter the number of times you want the event to repeat.

17. Then select the period you want the event to be repeated.

18. Click the days you want the even to repeat.

19. Once days are selected you will notice the repeating dates. If you want to skip a certain date for any reason (weather, etc.) select the skip dates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature allows cancellations to an event that is set to repeat without cancelling the event entirely and then having to reenter the info.

20. Select the date you want to skip from the calendar pop up.

21. Click "On Date"

22. Click the "Repeat End Date*" field.

23. To end a repeated event, you can select Never, On Date, or After. The Descriptions of each option are under the selections.

24. Select the date you want the event repeat to end from the calendar pop up window if On Date is selected.

25. If you select After, you need to type in manually the repeat occurrences.

26. Click "Save" once finished.

27. Click "Add Custom Recurrence Time" if you have a recurring event that you need to choose different times for a specific day, but still have it wrap up into a single event request.

28. Click the "Start Time" field and click the "End Time" field and select the day you need to change the times for. All recurring dates will share the start and end time you submitted for except for these dates. You can choose different start and end times for certain dates but dates must fall within recurring period.

29. Click "Save" to submit.

30. If you need to delete any of the custom recurring times, click the red trashcan icon.

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