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Guide to Customizing Simple Work Order Create Form
Guide to Customizing Simple Work Order Create Form

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to customize the Simple Work Order Create Form.

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2. Click your user profile.

3. Click "Global Settings"

4. Click "Work Orders"

5. Click "Work Order Create Form" or scroll to section.

6. Select if you want locations to be visible and or required for a work order request.

7. Select if you want categories to be visible and or required for a work order request.

8. Click "Edit Visible Selections" if you only want certain categories.

9. Select, if not all, categories you want visible in the work order request form.

10. Click "Save".

11. Select if you want possible duplicate work orders to show.

12. Click "Visible" if you want requesters to be able to upload an image with the work order request.

13. If you want to add a specific field, click the "Enter field label" field and manually label your field.

14. Select your field type from the drop down list supported.

15. Select if you want this field to be required or not in order to submit the work order request.

16. Click "Add Field" and you can add multiple customer fields as needed.

17. You can enter a default description if you would like.

Alert: Alert! The next questions will be shown to users based on selected visibility & work order permissions section above.

18. Determine if users will be visible and or required.

19. Determine if equipment will be visible and or required for the work order.

20. Select if the priority will be visible to select and or required by the requester.

21. Select if you want an accounting charge code visible and or required to select for the work order when being requested.

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