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Enable Approvals Based on Work Order Categories
Enable Approvals Based on Work Order Categories

Enable approvals based on work order categories.

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  1. Accessing Work Order Categories

    • Go to main dashboard

    • Navigate to back settings > settings > work orders

    • Click on categories

  2. Enabling Approvals

    • Enable approvals for specific categories

    • View enabled categories in the column

    • Click on a category to enable approvals

  3. Setting Up Approvers

    • Toggle on approvals enabled

    • Choose default approvers or set location-specific approvers

    • Add individual or multiple approvers

    • Consider location assignments for specific approvers

  4. Managing Approvals

    • Review and approve work orders with assigned approvers

    • Admins have override capabilities

    • Approve, escalate, or reject work orders

    • Approvals move the work order through statuses (requested, pending)

  5. Finalizing Approval Process

    • Approve and escalate until final approval is reached

    • Work order status changes based on approval actions

    • Access work order categories through global settings > work orders

By following these steps, you can effectively set up and manage work order category approvals within the system.

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