Installing a Flytedesk Digital unit makes the digital ad booking, placing, verifying, reporting, and billing process completely hands-free. The Flytedesk Digital tool generates a constant stream of revenue on your website and adds your organization to a premium national network of student media websites.

This brief guide will help you get started with the installation process.

Getting Started: Basics

To activate a Flytedesk Digital unit, you'll need to link an ad unit on your website with a product in your Flytedesk Media Kit.

There are a couple of installation methods to choose from:

  1. If you use WordPress as your site provider, our WordPress plugin for Flytedesk Digital is for you. Click here for detailed WordPress plugin installation instructions.
  2. With a bit of HTML knowledge, you can install Flytedesk Digital on your website manually. Click here for detailed manual installation instructions.

Why use Flytedesk Digital?

Flytedesk Digital is the gateway to more national digital revenue, without sacrificing local digital sales.

Before, Flytedesk sold digital ads to national buyers the same way we sell print. But this isn’t the way national buyers transact. We were missing out on revenue by not meeting our national buyers’ digital expectations:

  • Track analytics (like impressions and clicks)
  • Purchase by impression (CPM)
  • Optimize a campaign and change creative on the fly
  • Build and sell to an audience, not per website

Flytedesk Digital is the first and only solution that lets you prioritize local advertisers, provide national brands with industry-standard reporting, and run remnant space on unsold space, all in the same ad unit. Joining the Flytedesk Digital network will allow us to start building and selling audiences to potential national buyers and bring more revenue to student media.

Plus, you can start selling through the Ad Shop and generating remnant revenue immediately. And, your local buyers can see their digital impressions, clicks, and site views in real time.

Contact your Flytedesk rep to learn more, ask questions, or to schedule a demo.

Features coming soon:

  • Digital analytics reporting for publisher teams
  • Track revenue-to-date from your analytics dashboard

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