Within the flytedesk platform you can invite members of your team and assign them different roles depending on how they will use flytedesk. 

Flytedesk is most useful when everyone who needs it has access. For example, if you give your layout team access they can easily download the creative without having to ask you to manually send it to them. 

Ready to add everyone to your team?

To update your team roles, navigate to your Settings from the top-right corner of your account.

Add or edit your Primary Contact & Billing Contact by editing a user's info and checking the box under 'Additional Info.' One team member can be tagged as both (Primary & Billing Contacts are required, and you can only have one! Make sure these are the team members you want Flytedesk to get in touch with first.)

Use the 'Invite User' button to add new team members like your billing manager, adviser, account reps, designers, and anyone else who needs access to your Flytedesk account

Here's a breakdown of the user types:

Admin: Can do everything on the platform.
Suggested role for business managers and advisors. 

Edit: Can do everything on the platform except manage higher level settings like the organization name and team members.
Suggested role for members of business admin team.

Collaborate: Permission to perform day-to-day campaign operations (like managing customers, uploading creatives, etc.), but cannot edit anything involving what your publication sells (i.e., media kit settings, Ad Shop, billing).
Suggested role for members of sales team. 

View: Only has permission to view pages in the platform to download assets (i.e., IO, creatives, etc.). Cannot upload or edit anything.
Suggested role for layout/design team. 

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