Good question! We expect the 24 required class topics to take somewhere between 34-40 hours total, depending on live class timing. But that's not all of the class time available to you; that's just the required core topics. At writing we offer over 47 total hours of classes for you to choose from, including elective topics.

So what do you do with the rest of your time? Take as many elective class topics as you can to get ready for the test! We've purposefully added classes that cover some real world education and test prep, since it's really important. We want you to take some of those classes and prep modules so that you pass on the first try. You'll see several elective class topics listed on the class schedule, and on the on demand classes.

Oh, and if you have extra review time, you can always retake any topics that are giving you trouble on your practice exams for additional class time. We strongly suggest that you try to take Contracts and Property Transfer twice if you have the time, and also consider reviewing Agency, Fair Housing, and Massachusetts License Law. Those classes all cover tricky material, and the exam asks lots of questions about them!

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