You can take the classes in whatever order you like. There's no required order for the class modules, and you can take the classes in whatever order works best for your schedule, so long as you've completed any class prerequisites (prerequisites can be viewed on the live class schedule).

Each class module is designed to stand alone so that you can work through the course at your own pace, and our software will keep track of your progress automatically.

That said, if you'd like to go in order the recommended order for the Massachusetts salesperson license class modules is:

  • The Basics

  • Property Rights

  • Interests in Real Estate

  • Limitations on Property Rights Part 1

  • Limitations on Property Rights Part 2

  • Transfer of Property Part 1

  • Transfer of Property Part 2

  • Contracts

  • Contracts in Practice

  • Leases

  • Property Valuation Part 1

  • Property Valuation Part 2

  • Introduction to Real Estate Financing

  • Real Estate Financing

  • Government Financing Programs

  • Government Financing Regulations

  • Consumer Protection Laws

  • Real Estate Agency

  • Real Estate Agency in Practice

  • Introduction to Fair Housing Law

  • Fair Housing Law

  • Fair Housing in Practice

  • Massachusetts Real Estate Licensing Law

  • The Massachusetts Real Estate Test

  • Elective topics (Multiple classes; take as elective topics as you'd like as you're studying for the exam!)

You don't have to take the classes in this order, though - this is just the recommended sequence. Feel free to take them in any order that works best for your schedule!

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