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Persist Training: Do I Complete Each Track Every Day?
Persist Training: Do I Complete Each Track Every Day?

Here's how to go about training with Persist.

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Our Persist program is delivered through ATOM. Within the ATOM platform, all five Persist tracks are available to you (Pillars, Pump Condition, Pump Lift, Perform, and Minimalist). While you have access to all of our amazing Persist tracks we do NOT want you to complete each track, each day. Rather, we hope you choose one track and stick with it for 4-6 weeks to achieve the most optimal results.

If you are new to Persist and are choosing to perform multiple tracks because you're unsure of which track you'd like to follow, we recommend taking your first week with FBB to try out a few days from each track to get the feel of their intent. Once you have made your decision about which track to follow we recommend sticking to that track for the duration of the 6-week cycle.

For more information about how to approach your first week with Persist click here.

Of course, there are some Persist subscribers who wish to mix and match tracks. We have a great article on how to do just that! Please click here for more information on combining Persist tracks.

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