What to Expect When Joining an Event

We’re so glad that you’re going to join an event on Gatheround! Here is all you need to know before you join.

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First, what is Gatheround?

Imagine if Zoom had been designed with fun, excitement, and real human connection in mind. That’s Gatheround.

Gatheround is designed for how humans actually connect. It’s a dynamic meeting space where the energy flows from chats to videos to small conversations and group sharing.

Getting started

First things first, be sure you are using a device with a camera and microphone, and that you have a good internet connection. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Both desktop and mobile will work. If you join via your phone, use Safari on iPhone and Chrome on Android.

Your host has likely sent you a link to join the event. Clicking that link will bring you to the event landing page. Click "Join Event" and fill out your name and answer the welcome question (if there is one).

If you haven’t previously used Gatheround, you’ll need to create an account and sign in. There are two ways to sign in—via a Google Account, or with any email you choose.

After you’ve signed in, you will be asked to give access to your camera and microphone. Click “Allow Access” to move forward and voila, you’re in!

In the room

You made it! When you first join, you won’t be seen or heard in the main room. You’ll see the main area at the top of the room — maybe your host will be playing a video — and you’ll also see the chat. Make sure to say hello, and stay engaged in the chat throughout the event!

As a participant

Throughout the gathering, you will go through a variety of activities with fellow participants as planned by the host.

Our most common activity is a breakout. When you’re prompted to join a breakout activity, click “Join Activity” to match with other participants. Your video and audio will turn on and your group will see a series of cards with prompts that are meant to guide your conversation. Note that you will not be able to see yourself unless you hover over your avatar at the bottom of your screen. Once your conversation is over, your group will then automatically be sent back into the main room.

Another common activity is Group Share. Group Share allows you to answer a prompt on the stage in the main room and share your thoughts in front of all other participants for an allotted amount of time. Click “Join Activity” when you’re prompted to join Group Share.

If ever you don’t opt-in during the initial countdown, you can always join an activity late by clicking “Join Activity” on the left side of your screen. If you’re joining a breakout late, you’ll interrupt a preexisting match, or be matched with another latecomer; and if you’re joining a group share late, you’ll just be slotted into the speakers line!

A few last things

Know that live support is always available to help in real-time! Just press the grey question mark in the top right to address camera issues, connectivity problems, or anything else that doesn’t look right.

Finally, if you have any audio or video issues, click on the gear icon to change your device settings.

We’re so excited for you to join your first Gatheround event! 🎉

Check out our help center for additional info!

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