I joined late and I wasn't matched

What you need to know about joining events and activities late.

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Joined an event late? That’s okay! Here are a few scenarios about what will happen when you join an event late or miss the countdown on an activity.

Joining an event late

If you join a Gatheround event while a conversation activity is in progress, you’ll see this message which will allow you to join the activity late:

Joining a activity late

You can join activities after the round has already started by clicking on the “Join Activity” button at the top of the event room.

If you join an activity late, Gatheround will add you to an existing group. However, if there is less than 1 minute remaining in the allotted time for the activity, you’ll have to wait until the next activity is played to participate.

You will see this message when you try to join a activity after too much time has passed:

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