Accessibility on Gatheround

Navigating accessibility features on Gatheround to ensure all participants feel welcomed

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We’re committed to making Gatheround accessible to everyone so your gatherings can be as inclusive as they are fun and impactful.

There are a variety of resources at your disposal to ensure the Gatheround experience accommodates all participants.

Closed Captioning

Disclaimer: These settings must be done on an individual basis in order to view closed captions.

The best way to accommodate participants with hearing impairments is to use closed captioning. To turn on closed captioning, you'll need to use the Chrome browser on a desktop.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome and ensure it’s running the latest version

  2. Next, click “More” or the three vertical dots (⋮) and then “Settings”.

  3. At the very bottom of the page, click “Advanced” and then “Accessibility”.

  4. Enable closed captioning by toggling on “Live Caption”, and select “Caption preferences” to edit their size and style.

Interpreters & Transcription

We recommend enabling closed captioning (above) for those who are hearing-impaired to ensure they can participate in every moment of an Gatheround. However, the use of an interpreter or transcriber is also possible while in the main event room.

Hosts can open the stage or designate hosting permissions for an interpreter, who can then go live. When live, the interpreter is streaming to the whole of the event and can sign all communication that takes place on stage or in group share.

Alternatively, a participant can join the event as “Transcriber” (or something similar) as their name via the welcome page. This participant can then transcribe the event in real-time via the chat for all participants to see. Their messages will appear as coming from “Transcriber.”

Note: Given the nature of conversation activities (both 1-on-1 and small group) wherein participants are matched with a different person or people each new round, it is not possible to ensure the interpreter or transcriber accompanies individuals who are hearing-impaired into every round. We recommend Chrome-enabled closed captioning for these moments throughout the event (see above).

Screen Readers

Text throughout Gatheround events—from buttons to prompt cards and more—is compatible with screen readers. We do not use images to convey any written communication; all relevant fields are embedded on the site as text-based copy.

Enlarging Text

To resize text on Gatheround, zoom into or out of your browser while on your computer. For best results go full-screen, and then:

  • On Mac, for most browsers the shortcut to resizing text is Command () then Plus (+) to zoom in, and Command () then Minus (–) to zoom out.

  • On Windows, for most browsers the shortcut to resizing text is CTRL then Plus (+) to zoom in, and CTRL then Minus (–) to zoom out.

In addition to zooming into or out of a page, you can also change your browser’s default font size. For in-depth instructions on enlarging text and images across different browsers, we recommend this article.

Enlarging Video

To resize videos (both YouTube streams and people live on stage) in the main event room, participants click the light grey line that divides the room horizontally. Drag the line up and you’ll see smaller videos and more of the chat; drag it down and you’ll see larger videos and less of the chat.

Accommodating Color Blindness

Though color is not critical to navigating Gatheround events, to improve the experience for participants with deuteranopia and protanopia (red-green colorblindness), we recommend using Chrome and downloading the Color Enhancer web extension.

Video Filtering & Backgrounds

We strive for all participants to authentically connect with each other in Gatheround events, which is why we don't have video filtering and background replacements built into the platform. However, we understand that some participants may require these tools to comfortably join gatherings and present as their authentic selves.

When you're on a desktop, we recommend using Snap Camera to filter your video or replace your background. After you download, launch, and configure Snap Camera, ensure it is selected under your Device Settings in Gatheround to alter your video in real-time as it appears on the platform.

Accommodating Speech-Impairments

During conversation activities (both 1-on-1 and small group), matches are able to communicate with one another via video and/or audio; however, we do not yet have live text-based communication functionality available. For those with speech impairments, we recommend that participants install a third-party text-to-speech program to communicate during matches. Alternatively, for participants who are unable to communicate via video or audio, we recommend supplemental programming in the main event room.

For questions, clarifications, or recommendations on these guidelines, please contact us directly at

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