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Connecting your Google Calendar
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Seamlessly schedule Gatheround meetings with our Google Calendar integration. Dates and times assigned to an event will appear on your event’s landing page. Once your calendar is connected, any edits made on your event on Gatheround will automatically be synced to your Google Calendar and vice versa!

How do I connect my calendar?

Through your account

Navigate to your account page. Under your name and email, you’ll see a modal where you can connect or disconnect your email.

How do I add an event to my calendar?

Create an event

When you create a new event, you’ll see the option to add a time and date. If you have already connected your calendar, adding a date and timetimee will automatically add the event to your calendar.

First, add the date you plan to host your event by clicking into the “Add date” field and selecting the correct date from the calendar drop down.

Next, add the time the event will take place

Once you’re all set, click “Create Event” and your event will appear on your linked calendar! Any edits made to your event or edit made directly on the Google Calendar will be automatically reflected in both.

Add an existing event

Click the “Edit” button on your event and navigate to the Event Details tab. Once you add a date and time to your event, you’ll see the button to add your event to your Google calendar.

Once you click that button, you’ll be brought to your Google Calendar where you can confirm your event details. You’ll also see an auto-generated message in your Google Calendar event details with a link to some resources for your participants! If you denote that you’ll be hosting the event on a recurring basis (i.e. weekly or monthly) your event will appear on your calendar at the cadence you’ve selected.

Alternatively, you can add the link to an existing Gatheround event to the location field in your Google Calendar event and this will automatically sync your event to your Google Calendar. Please note: if you use this method to connect your event to your calendar, the name and description of the event on your Google Calendar will overwrite the name and description of your event on Gatheround.

What happens if I make edits to my event?

Once your calendar is synced, any changes you make on the event on Gatheround will be automatically reflected in your Google Calendar event and vice versa. We do recommend you make any edits directly to the event on Gatheround instead of on your Google Calendar to preserve formatting consistency.

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