Group Share Overview:

Gatheround hosts frequently tell us: “We love Gatheround's 1-on-1 and small-group matching games. But sometimes I also want people to share something with the entire group—for instance, to relay what they just discussed in a match with others in the event.”

This got us thinking: Is there a way we can help facilitate group sharing in a way that’s 10 times better than Zoom — easier and faster to facilitate, safer and more inclusive to participate — and oodles more fun for all?

We built this functionality with Group Share.

Adding Group Share to Your Event:

Group Share games are already incorporated into a variety of our event templates. If you want to add a new Group Share game to an event, enter the event and click “Add Game” on your event dropdown, then select “Group Share”.

After selecting “Group Share," this module will appear:

Name of game determines what the game will be titled in your event itinerary (i.e. how it appears on the welcome screen or on the left side of the event’s main room). Your participants will see what you name your game. We recommend something short and descriptive like “Rapid Fire Intros” or “Time to Reflect”.

Group prompt is the card that your participants are responding to during Group Share. It will appear up on the top right of the main room throughout the game. As in conversation games, we recommend thoughtful, open-ended questions or clear directions for this prompt. For instance, “What's a hidden talent of yours?” or “Tell us about the next item on your bucket list.”

Participant speaking time refers to the amount of time allocated for each participant to respond to the prompt before they fade away and the next person in the speakers line begins. Be sure that participant speaking time corresponds to the content of your group prompt! Forty-five seconds isn’t long enough to tell us your life story, but five minutes might be a bit too long for a round of basic intros.

Game duration controls the total amount of time dedicated to this Group Share game during your event. To keep things on track, excess participants who opt into Group Share will automatically be removed from the speakers line once the game duration has elapsed.

Be sure to click Add once you’ve customized your Group Share game to your liking, and it will appear in the game list!

Facilitating Group Share:

When it’s time to start your Group Share game, here’s what you’ll do:

1. First, ask everyone to get off camera. (Video will be automatically turned on for each person when it's their turn to participate in Group Share, assuming they opt it.) Once you're ready to start, you’ll see the familiar black play button next to the Group Share game when you hover over it. Click it to start the game.

2. Participants will have 15 seconds to decide if they’d like to share, or if they’d prefer to hang back. Now is the time to encourage them to click “Count Me In!"

3. When people opt in to share during the game, their avatars will appear on the left side of the room. In creating the order, we remember who hasn’t spoken in a while on Gatheround and prioritize them speaking first. Note: If participants want to remove themselves from the line before they’ve spoken, they can click “X” on their name in the top left or click "Skip Me" when their preview countdown pops up.

4. After a brief countdown, each person will automatically pop up on video and audio one after the other. When a participant’s set time is up, their video simply fades to black, so it’s not on you to kick them off; the next person in line will just pop up! The prompt card will stay on the top far right for easy reference.

Recommendations to keep things running smoothly:

  1. We encourage you as the host to stay on video with participants as they respond to the prompt. Having a visual of someone to speak to makes participants feel more comfortable sharing! But remember: everyone except you should get off video when you first start Group Share.

  2. You can skip participants as needed by clicking the “Skip” arrow at the bottom of the speakers line. For instance, use Skip if someone has finished what they’re saying but hasn’t finished their time, or if a participant is suffering from technical difficulties.

  3. If few participants have opted to join Group Share and you have excess time dedicated to the game, encourage participants to get in the speakers line to share by clicking “Join Game”—even if they’re joining late! (Note: “Join Game” will only appear if you have excess time in the Group Share game as determined by the number of participants in line compared to the total game duration.)

For additional information, check out our full help center.

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