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I can't see or hear the host in the main room
I can't see or hear the host in the main room

What to do if you can't see or hear the host in an event

Updated over a week ago

I can’t see or hear the host (in-event)

Sorry about that! The first thing to note is that the host isn't always visible - they have to be on stage to address the group, so everything might be okay!

If they've joined the stage and you still can't see them:

Is everyone else having the same problem? If so, the issue is probably with the host’s system. If you aren’t sure, please ask in the main chat and have the host reach out if there is a widespread issue!

Something temporary might be impacting your system. If you haven’t already, please try refreshing your browser! It won’t cause issues with the event or activity - you’ll come right back to where you started.

Your speakers may be disconnected or your volume may be muted. Please double-check for us! People often forget to unplug their headphones.

On an iPhone or iPad? Some iOS settings require you to “tap” the video to un-mute. Give that a try!

Still stuck? The quickest fix is to try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) or a different device (Gatheround works on mobile!). We’d also really appreciate it if you would let us know what happened - we’ll have our engineering team take a look and see if we can’t prevent the issue on our side.

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