Following-Up After Events

All the ways you can stay in contact with your matches and participants.

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Event Data Downloads

For an in-depth view of your event, including information about who attended and how engaged participants were, you can download event data. This is also how you can collect your participants' emails to follow up with them after they've participated.

Organizers on Premium Groups can access data for any events associated with their Group from their group page or the individual event page.

In-App Messaging

People often want to connect with their matches after an event. Gatheround maintains a record of past matches for each participant and enables in-app messaging for people who want to stay connected. If someone is sent a message they receive it in the app and they are also notified via email. (You can always see your matches by going to

Attendance History

As a host, you can always see a simple record of who attended your event by re-entering the event and clicking the number in the top right to expand the participant list. Everyone who attended your event will be listed unless they were removed from the event by a host. A green dot on their picture means they’re currently in the event, whereas a grey dot means they’ve left.

Note that only hosts have this view — participants would only see themselves.

For additional information, check out our full help center.

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