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How should I explain Gatheround to people?

In short: Gatheround is better experienced, than explained. It’s a fun, uplifting, and energizing new digital tool designed to strengthen communities by giving people the sense of togetherness online that we typically only feel in person.

The most effective way to generate excitement prior to an event is to communicate the purpose and tone of your gathering and who will be there — in other words, share what’s in it for them. Who is attending? What’s the aim of this gathering? What will be discussed? Tell attendees about others they will be chatting with, the topics they’ll cover, and the goal for your time together.

Can people follow up with their matches after the event?

Yes! After an event, users will receive an email with everyone they matched with during an event. They can direct message those matches via Gatheround. If the recipient is no longer on Gatheround at the time they send the message, Gatheround will send their match an email. We will never automatically release a match’s personal contact information, but participants are welcome to voluntarily exchange personal information and continue their conversation off of Gatheround.

How can I see who attended the event?

As a host you can always see a record of who attended your event in your event recap. You'll also see a record of all the activities played.

Can you control when people can enter an event?

At this time, anyone who has the link can join at any time. If you include the start time in the description, that will communicate to participants that the event hasn’t started yet but will not bar them from entry.

Can you resize the videos?

Yes! You can make videos—both YouTube streams and people with cameras on in the main room—larger or smaller by hovering over the light grey line that divides the room horizontally. Shift up and you’ll see smaller videos and more of the chat; shift down and you’ll see larger videos and less of the chat.

How does the matching work?

Gatheround's matching tracks who you’ve matched with across every Gatheround event you’ve attended and prioritizes new connections. If there are multiple people in an event who you haven’t matched with, your match will be a random selection within that group.

It’s possible that you might match with someone more than once before you’ve matched with everyone in the room, but only generally due to fringe issues.

Can I set up ticketing or send invitations directly through Gatheround?

We do not currently manage ticketing or invitations in-app.

Check out our help center for more info!

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