Participant camera and microphone permissions in events
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When participants join your Gatheround event, the default state is they will be able to turn on video and/or audio to stream live in the main room to anyone else who is present. In other words, just like a host, participants will have a camera and microphone setting on the bottom left of their screen which they can toggle on and off.

To disable this permission and prevent participants from turning on their audio and/or video in the main room, click the settings gear in the top right, go to “Host controls,” and toggle this off to ensure only hosts are able to turn on their camera or microphone in the main room. For large and/or public events, disabling this setting is a smart idea. This ensures participants can't stream live without your permission.

When the toggle is off (grey, as seen here) participants won't have camera/microphone permissions

Rest assured: hosts will always have camera and microphone permissions in the main room, even when this setting is toggled off.

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