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I can't turn on my camera and/or microphone in the main room
I can't turn on my camera and/or microphone in the main room

What to do if you can't stream live in the main room

Updated over a week ago

We’re sorry that you’re having trouble! Usually, when that happens it’s caused by one of the below issues.

  1. The host of the event has not turned on camera/microphone permissions for all participants. If you want to stream to everyone in the main room, ask the host to open it up! They can do so in host controls.

  2. You might be having camera or microphone input problems. Click the grey settings gear in the top right to ensure your camera and microphone are working properly, and from the correct source. If not, try troubleshooting your camera/microphone.

  3. Something temporary may be impacting your system. Please try refreshing your browser! It won’t cause issues with the event — you’ll come right back to where you started.

  4. If you are (or were) the host of the event, your host designation may have been removed by another host — please double check!

If none of these work, the quickest fix is to try a different browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari) or a different device. Remember that Gatheround is mobile-friendly, so you can always switch to your phone!

Check out our help center for additional info!

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