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Collecting Feedback on Your Event
Collecting Feedback on Your Event
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You created and hosted an event on Gatheround — woohoo! Now, how do you know that your participants had a great experience? We have two ways to collect feedback to give you insight into how participants felt during your event and why, so you can make the next one even better.

How do you collect feedback during an event?

Try our 'Share Feedback' poll in your next meeting. It's a simple, yet powerful tool to gauge if your meetings are truly making the most of your time together. Add it to your event straight from our Activity Library. Additionally, this poll is already baked into the agenda of all of the Team Meetings and All Hands Meetings templates.

How do you collect feedback at the end of an event?

Click your activity list in your event, and you’ll see an option to “collect feedback”. Once you click Collect Feedback, all participants, including hosts, will see a pop up to rate their experience. We recommend waiting until after the last activity in your event has been played to launch this survey.

This is what all participants and hosts will see once the survey is launched:

Pro tip: Add context to why you're collecting feedback! Say something like “Thanks so much for joining today! I hope to continue hosting this kind of session in the future, so I’d love your feedback on your experience today to know how to adjust for next time. You can leave feedback on things like prompts in the conversation rounds, how you enjoyed this structure in relation to other events we’ve hosted, and your overall experience getting to connect with your team members. I’m launching the survey now!”

How do I see the feedback afterward?

To view the feedback your participants gave, you can download the data from your event. You can download data from your event from your group page or the event page.

Detailed feedback from individual participants will be located in the “participants” tab of the excel sheet, and you can view the average event score on the “events” tab.

Note: Only organizers in your group can download data from an event.

Check out our help center to get additional questions answered!

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