Your Quick Guide to Gatheround

New to Gatheround? Here are the basics to get you started.

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🤔 What is Gatheround?

What is Gatheround?

Gatheround is an interactive video platform that allows you to embed culture-building conversations in your day-to-day. Gatheround conversations are designed using different activity types that encourage engagement and connection among team members. With varying participation options, Gatheround is built for both your introverted and extroverted employees.

What types of meetings would I use Gatheround for?

You are welcome to build a custom conversation for your team on Gatheround, or we have dozens of conversations built out for you in our template library.

For inspiration, take a look at how you might use Gatheround, based on your role at your company.

✏️ The Basics

Everything you need for your first event

Creating & Editing Events, 6-minute video

Includes exploring the template library, creating your event, customizing and adding activities, and inviting your participants

An Introduction to Hosting on Gatheround, 4-minute video

Includes navigating the event room, how to start your event, what a conversation activity looks like, best practices

Exploring Host Settings, 3-minute video

Includes differentiating between host settings and participant settings and how/when to use some settings

📚 More Resources & Guides

More on Hosting

Organization & Reporting

Need more guidance? Sign up for a Live Host Training

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