Navigating the Main Room
Updated over a week ago

The main room in Gatheround is where participants gather between breakout activities. Some of the most notable features in the main room are:

  1. Participants List: You can view your full participant list by clicking the participant thumbnails in the upper-right corner! During breakout sessions, you’ll also be able to view who’s matched with whom in this list.

  2. Layout Toggle: Give participants flexibility and autonomy to choose the layout that works best for them. Participants can toggle between the default horizontal layout and a vertical layout that moves chat to the right side.

  3. Chat: Participants can send messages to the whole group with our chat feature.

  4. Reactions: Located to the right of the chat in the main event room, participants can react with love, wow, LOL, thanks, sad, or confused.

Now that you’re acquainted with the main room, learn how to keep your participants engaged during your event!

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