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Closed Captions
Updated over a week ago

Gatheround events include the capability to turn on captions on a per participant basis. Captions can be viewed in both the main room and breakout rooms.

How to enable captions

In the lower right hand corner of your Gatheround event screen, click the button to see more options. From there you'll see the option to turn on captions. Captions will remain enable for the rest of the event including in breakout rooms.

You also have the option of making captions the default across the events you attend. To enable captions across your events, click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your event room. In the "Accessibility" tab, make sure the "Always show captions" box is checked off.

Please note: Captions are limited to participant audio and will not reflect audio of any other audio (i.e. YouTube videos) that are played during an event.

Does Gatheround store caption records?

We do not store any speech data in our database.

Can hosts turn off captions for participants? Do they need to turn on a setting for participants to use them?

No, captions will be accessible for all participants, and can only be enabled/disabled by each individual.

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