Recording on Gatheround
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Gatheround gives you the ability to record your meetings so you won’t miss a thing!

*Please note that recording is available on Premium and Enterprise plans only.

How does it work?

Hit the record button to start a recording or to stop recording a current session. If you need to pause the recording, you can stop it and then restart it when you are ready to resume. If every participant leaves the main event room (i.e. to join a breakout or photo booth), the recording will stop automatically. When the first participant returns to the main room, the recording will resume automatically.

What can be recorded?

Only activity in the main room is recorded; breakout sessions are not recorded. Additionally, Quizzes, Polls, Flash Cards, and Ask a Question activities are available on the recap page, but are not part of the recording.

Who can record?

Hosts and group organizers can start and stop a recording of an event.

How do I access my recording?

Recordings are available to view and download from the recap page. The different portions of the event will show as separate videos on your event recap page. Any host from the event or group organizer can delete a recording at any time from the recap page.

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