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How to Set up your Service Area & Daily Service Zones
How to Set up your Service Area & Daily Service Zones
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In this guide, we'll assist you in defining the areas you wish to service and specifying the days you'll service different regions within your service area. This approach ensures that all your bookings are efficiently clustered, as customers will be able to book only on the days you're servicing their area.

Step 1: Defining Your Service Area

a. Navigate to "Areas Served" in your app settings.

b. Position the circle and adjust your serving radius to encompass the area you intend to service.

c. Optionally, set your price per mile if you plan to charge distance fees for longer journeys.

Step 2: Divide Your Service Area into different zones

a. Create your first division by adjusting the two pinpoints along the circumference of the circle to define a specific segment.

b. Allocate the workdays you wish to service this division (e.g., Mondays for North Division).

c. Repeat this process for as many divisions as you need, ensuring each has its dedicated service days.

Step 3: Preview

Once you've created all your divisions and allocated days to each one, review it at a glance and make necessary adjustments before publishing.

Step 4: Publish & optimise

Once published, this will go live on your booking page.

Customers within each division can book your services only on the assigned days. This results in bookings being clustered nearby each other each day, meaning you'll no longer need to travel to opposite ends of the city during your workdays, instead, you can complete all your bookings for each area in one go.

Not only that, but ensures all bookings are back-to-back, so you won't have gaps between your bookings.

Learn more about how back-to-back scheduling works here.

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