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Handling Delays for Sequenced Bookings on GeoWise
Handling Delays for Sequenced Bookings on GeoWise
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If you're running late for a call-out appointment and have subsequent bookings that may be affected, GeoWise offers a straightforward solution to manage this situation efficiently:

  1. Notify Affected Bookings with One Tap: In the GeoWise app, you'll find an option to notify customers of your delay. Simply tap this button when you realize you're running late.

  2. Automatic Identification of Affected Bookings: Upon tapping the button, GeoWise automatically calculates which upcoming appointments will be impacted by your delay based on your current booking sequence & delay duration.

  3. Instant Notifications to Clients: The app then sends out instant notifications to the affected clients via WhatsApp. This notification will inform them of the delay, providing an updated estimated time of arrival.

This feature is designed to minimize disruption and maintain clear communication with your clients, ensuring they are promptly and accurately informed in case of any changes to their scheduled appointment times.

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