You may wish to merge two or more existing ingredients in meez, such as when you add a new ingredient without realizing you already use a similar ingredient in meez (e.g. Breakfast Radish and French Breakfast Radish).


  • Merging multiple ingredients into one ingredient which will update all recipes containing those ingredients.

  • Once two ingredients have merged, you can not un-merge them.

There are 3 places where you can merge ingredients:

1) From the Ingredient Table Page from Home Screen

  1. Search for the ingredients you want to merge

  2. Bulk select your choices

  3. Choose the 'source' ingredient (the one you want to use as cost & equivalency reference)

2) From an Ingredient's Detail Page

This only works if you have not mapped this ingredient to a vendor purchase already

  1. Search for the ingredient or click it from view mode in a recipe

  2. In the detail page, click the ℹ️ icon on the top left

  3. Choose an ingredient to merge with. (Note: you can also choose to merge with a meez system ingredient).

3) From the Needing Attention Section of New Ingredients

  1. Find the ingredient you'd like to merge

  2. Click the merge icon on the right

  3. Search for the ingredient you would like to merge it with

  4. Press the Merge Icon again

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