Calculating ingredient percentages

Meez has two ways to automatically calculate and display ingredients by percentage

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Calculating ingredient percentages is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: All members

Meez can automatically calculate your ingredient quantities as a percentage. This feature helps you create new recipes or fine tune existing recipes using your own formulas and ratios.

Ingredient Percentage Calculations can help you:

  • Quickly create new recipes following tried and true formulas

  • Systematically adjust and refine the recipes you already have

  • Make recipes easier to understand and analyze

This feature is baked into our Business and Premium subscription plans.

If you’d like to upgrade your subscription, visit your meez profile page, or email

Ingredient Percentage Calculations come in two flavors:

  • Standard % (also known as Percentage of Ingredients)

  • Baker’s % (also known as Percentage of Base)

We’ll explain each type of ingredient Percentage below.

How to turn on Percentage Calculations:

You can access this feature on any recipe by clicking “Edit” at the top of the screen and turning on the “Calculate %” toggle at the top of the ingredients list. Once you’ve turned it on, you can select Standard % or Baker's % with the buttons that appear to the left of the toggle switch.

Standard %

The Standard Ingredient Percentage shows the ratio of each ingredient quantity relative to the total quantity of all the ingredients in that recipe.

For example, if you are making a pie dough with 300 grams of flour, 200 grams of butter and 100 grams of water, the Standard % calculation will look like this:

Baker's %

The Baker's Percentage Calculation shows the ratio of each ingredient quantity relative to a "base" ingredient (or ingredients) of your choosing. This means the base ingredient(s) will always have a Baker's Percentage of 100%.

For example, if I select flour as my base ingredient, my pie dough recipe will show Baker's % like this:

You can choose as many base ingredients as you like for a Baker's % calculation. The percentage calculated for the rest of the ingredients will be relative to the combined total of the base ingredients. Here's how it's done:

Scaling Ingredients By Percentage:

If you want to adjust the quantity of an ingredient to a specific percentage, you can do that in "Edit" mode by typing in your target percentage in the % field. The ingredient's quantity will update and the other ingredients' percentages will recalculate automatically. See below:

Important Note:

Percentages are calculated based on the weight of your ingredients in the recipe. If you call for an ingredient by volume or by count in your recipe, meez will use the conversions on the UoM Equivalency tab for that ingredient to find an equivalent weight before doing the Ingredient Percentage calculation.

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